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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make Money Trading Penny Shares

If you want to make money on the stock market but don't want to sit there looking at your computer all day and also you do not want to invest thousands. Then learn how to make money trading penny shares.

Some of the best returns from investments come from these types of shares, that is because they are bought at an extremely low-level and means any rise no matter how small is a significant profit.

Do you have spare cash lying around in a bank account or are you looking to just start investing?

The definition of a penny share is any thing under the value of £1; this is where relatively new companies issue shares at a low price to raise capital for their business. If you were to search the Internet then you will find thousands of investment opportunities. The problem is which ones do you choose and how do you go about doing this.

I spent many hours of my free time conducting research and reading e-book after e-book. All this did was confuse me even more. I found a lot of information contradicted others, and I felt that even though it was a small amount of money I was better off-putting it into a savings account. That was until I discovered an amazing way on how to make money trading penny shares website. It provided me with a simple formula on how to choose a company and how the professionals pick niche markets that are going to rise.

I now have a portfolio worth tens of thousands all from really small low risk investments. I want to share with you what I already know because not only will I be helping you but also the more people who buy the right shares the higher in value they go, so it's a win-win situation.

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Follow the method I did and watch your investments grow.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What Are the Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 2010

Some of my friends ask me: "Matt, what are the best penny stocks to buy right now, in 2010?"

I have to give pause every time someone new asks me that, simply due to one simple rule that I hold near and dear to my heart and to my trading account: Penny stocks are not long term investments. I know when people ask me that they are dreaming of nailing a scrappy startup company's stock at $1 a share and holding it for 5 years, then selling their shares for $500 each and making a million bucks or something crazy like that.

I don't always feel like telling them the whole deal that I am about to share with you, so you are benefiting yourself by learning the following lesson described in the rest of this article.

Listen folks, penny stocks are absolutely awesome for trading. I said trading -- not investing. There is just too many whipsaws in these types of microcap equities (fancy word for stocks). Now when I say trading, I don't mean locking yourself in your bedroom in front of the computer every minute the stock market is open.

Rather I am referring to a manageable approach to trading, that is doable even for people who have demanding jobs that prevent them from having access to a computer during the day. It's a system of identifying a promising pick, buying it, and waiting for it to hit a designated exit point. It's really very simple. It does not completely eliminate the risk of trading penny stocks but it helps to minimize it since you are not blindly buying a penny stock and then holding it for a long time regardless of what it does.

For instance, if you buy a penny stock and identify an area where you would like to sell for a profit, you sell it when it reaches that level, be it at 50% or 500% profit levels. On the flip side, you can buy a stock and define an area where you will sell if it drops to certain level. That way you cut your losses before you potentially lose your entire investment.Look, if you want to go out and buy some blue chip stock like GE or a tech giant like GOOG that's fine and you will likely do well over the course of 2010 and beyond. Just don't adopt that mentality for any microcap (penny) stock. I have seen too many people have their trading accounts wiped out because they believed a hyped up story of a microcap stock that was too good to be true.

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Written By Matt Morris, Editor of the best penny stock newsletter in existence. I am one of the few penny-newsletter-guys that do not accept compensation to "pump" penny stocks. Sign up for 3 free Penny Stock Picks here.