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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make Money Trading Penny Shares

If you want to make money on the stock market but don't want to sit there looking at your computer all day and also you do not want to invest thousands. Then learn how to make money trading penny shares.

Some of the best returns from investments come from these types of shares, that is because they are bought at an extremely low-level and means any rise no matter how small is a significant profit.

Do you have spare cash lying around in a bank account or are you looking to just start investing?

The definition of a penny share is any thing under the value of £1; this is where relatively new companies issue shares at a low price to raise capital for their business. If you were to search the Internet then you will find thousands of investment opportunities. The problem is which ones do you choose and how do you go about doing this.

I spent many hours of my free time conducting research and reading e-book after e-book. All this did was confuse me even more. I found a lot of information contradicted others, and I felt that even though it was a small amount of money I was better off-putting it into a savings account. That was until I discovered an amazing way on how to make money trading penny shares website. It provided me with a simple formula on how to choose a company and how the professionals pick niche markets that are going to rise.

I now have a portfolio worth tens of thousands all from really small low risk investments. I want to share with you what I already know because not only will I be helping you but also the more people who buy the right shares the higher in value they go, so it's a win-win situation.

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Follow the method I did and watch your investments grow.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What Are the Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 2010

Some of my friends ask me: "Matt, what are the best penny stocks to buy right now, in 2010?"

I have to give pause every time someone new asks me that, simply due to one simple rule that I hold near and dear to my heart and to my trading account: Penny stocks are not long term investments. I know when people ask me that they are dreaming of nailing a scrappy startup company's stock at $1 a share and holding it for 5 years, then selling their shares for $500 each and making a million bucks or something crazy like that.

I don't always feel like telling them the whole deal that I am about to share with you, so you are benefiting yourself by learning the following lesson described in the rest of this article.

Listen folks, penny stocks are absolutely awesome for trading. I said trading -- not investing. There is just too many whipsaws in these types of microcap equities (fancy word for stocks). Now when I say trading, I don't mean locking yourself in your bedroom in front of the computer every minute the stock market is open.

Rather I am referring to a manageable approach to trading, that is doable even for people who have demanding jobs that prevent them from having access to a computer during the day. It's a system of identifying a promising pick, buying it, and waiting for it to hit a designated exit point. It's really very simple. It does not completely eliminate the risk of trading penny stocks but it helps to minimize it since you are not blindly buying a penny stock and then holding it for a long time regardless of what it does.

For instance, if you buy a penny stock and identify an area where you would like to sell for a profit, you sell it when it reaches that level, be it at 50% or 500% profit levels. On the flip side, you can buy a stock and define an area where you will sell if it drops to certain level. That way you cut your losses before you potentially lose your entire investment.Look, if you want to go out and buy some blue chip stock like GE or a tech giant like GOOG that's fine and you will likely do well over the course of 2010 and beyond. Just don't adopt that mentality for any microcap (penny) stock. I have seen too many people have their trading accounts wiped out because they believed a hyped up story of a microcap stock that was too good to be true.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Trade Penny Shares?

Trading penny shares has definitely gained popularity over the years. Previously investors might just evaluate the middle as well as large cap businesses, regardless of whether it was with regard to long-term investment or just day trades. However with the appearance of traders trading penny stocks, the stock exchange marketplace has transformed. Before, people had to have massive bank accounts to be able to get a higher income. Generally it was simply because a person had to have not less than a couple of thousand dollars to be able to purchase a hundred of stocks of any medium size company. With penny stock investing, new possibilities have exposed for regular individuals.

You might ask, can you become a millionaire trading penny shares? Well it can be quite difficult in order to turn into a millionaire investing on any type of market. Every person is aware about the statistics; nevertheless penny stocks provide you with a benefit that you simply are not able to find in the majority of trading instruments. It is leverage! With the help of the leverage that penny shares offer to a trader, an ordinary person can start trading on the stock exchange. Additionally, most of them are becoming incredibly profitable traders, and this simply began with stock trading these types of very cheap shares.

Individuals, who treat penny shares as disposable, ignore the truth that a lot of enormous businesses have started out within the bargain bins. Think about if you could actually purchase stocks of those firms once they were 10 cents a stock? It really can be the factor that could not just allow you to become very wealthy, it also provides you with a lot of bragging privileges. That is what trading penny stocks are capable to do for you.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Penny Shares To Watch - How To Find Them

Are you interested penny stocks or shares investment? Well, if so then it is important to understand the proper way of finding the best penny shares to watch. This is something that one needs to pay close attention to because one must make sure they are dealing with the right individuals and legitimate companies in order to make everything work. Remember, if buying and selling is done properly, an investor can actually make a significant profit from these types of shares but at the same time, one can as easily lose a huge chunk of their investment. Penny stocks or shares are extremely volatile and can rise and fall in value without any warning. The wise investor will be well prepared for this.

How to find penny shares to watch? Research is one of the first steps that must be performed. But of course, make sure to filter the information that you receive properly. There are plenty of newsletters available out there, both free and paid, that promises to report the most reliable tips when it comes to penny stocks or shares and it is important to find a resource that can be trusted with an established reputation. Think about it, if you rely on the wrong sources and end up investing in a particular share that has been promised would go through the roof then eventually flops; you could pretty much lose your entire investment. Of course, any investor also needs to be wary of scams because there are several of them out there waiting to take your hard earned money.

Also, make note of the fact that timing is also important here. One needs to be able to look at the data that they have been given and the ones that you have collected and make a quick decision if required. After all, the windows for making a great investment can come up at any given moment and one simply cannot wait because if you do, you just might miss out. However, with that said, one cannot be too meticulous because over-analyzing things can actually discourage an investor from buying stocks and these opportunities can be quite few and far between.

So there you have it, just a few of the important things that every investor needs to know with regards to finding penny shares to watch. Remember, finding the best source for information is your best and most successful chance at making the best possible investment.

Investing in penny shares requires much less capital to get started. Find a reputable broker with a proven list of penny shares to watch to begin your investment portfolio.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Penny Shares - Spotting a Good Investment

One of the most important things that one must do before making any purchases in the penny shares market is to properly prepare for what lies ahead. Spending a few hours researching can effectively help one bring in dividends. Besides, it is a well-known fact that quite a number of people tend to lose big investments due to the lack of preparation. How does one spot a good investment in this market anyway? Well, in order to help you get started, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Learn about the history of a particular penny stock or penny share that you're interested in. If it's been proven to rise in worth continuously then it is safe to say that this pattern would only continue. Some people find this rather risky but you are not going to do this without performing any tests beforehand. Doing so should remove any uncertainties or inconsistencies when it comes to the buying and selling which could significantly alter the upward movement. Keep in mind that this type of investment is actually quite prone to bringing lower returns.

2. Make sure that the organization you're working with has a solid marketing strategy. Needless to say, if they don't have one that's viable for the long term then this could significantly affect the progress of your penny shares investment. Remember, besides looking at the penny stocks or shares itself, it is also imperative to look into the individuals or companies that you work with.

3. Whilst they might be helpful from time to time, industry experts advise that one does not rely on free penny stocks and shares newsletters for they may not be able to provide reliable information. Of course, in this business, accuracy is important because you will need it in order to make the best possible decisions for your investment. Needless to say, if you have money to spare then it would be better to use it on paid newsletters that would be able to provide you with the best possible information.

In spite of their appeal, there is nothing out there that will be able to guarantee that these penny shares are actually going to go up in price and as such, this is still a risky investment. But armed with the necessary information and reliable tips then one could significantly reduce the risks involved. After all, the choices that are made will greatly affect the outcomes of every trade that you enter. Keep this in mind and start investing today.

Investing in penny shares requires much less capital to get started. Find a reputable broker with a proven list of penny shares to watch to begin your investment portfolio.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Penny Shares Are Cheap

A company that has shares that are listed for sale at a price less than $5.00 per share is categorized as a penny stock and there are plenty of micro cap stocks going cheap! You can start investing in micro cap shares without needing a lot of cash to start with and that can make investing in penny stocks a great way to learn about the stock market.

Small cap stock investing is associated with a lot of hype because investors are attracted to the promise of making large returns with a small initial outlay. But do many stocks start at 10 cents and go to $5.00? Although it is easier to own a shares in a company that can double i.e. go from 20 cents to 40 cents than it is for a stock that is $20.00 to double to $40.00 the cheaper entry price comes associated with higher risks. Penny stocks are generally very illiquid which means their shares can often trade infrequently and they have in general less shareholders.. Shares can drop very quickly and you could find in a very short time that you have ended up losing your entire investment. If this sounds too risky to you then you will do much better investing your money into other, safer investments.

So if investing in penny shares fits your risk profile you need to know where to locate them.. You wont find micro cap stocks listed on the NASDAQ or the NYSE or any of the other large exchanges, instead you must look for them at 'over the counter' exchanges such as the pink sheets or the OTCBB. Penny stocks do not fall under the same regulatory procedures as other more conventional stocks, so even though they are legal they are still risky.

Small cap stocks are inexpensive to buy and that makes them attract to investors however you should refrain from investing all your money into the one stock but instead diversify into a number of stocks to spread out your risk.

A micro cap stock may be cheap to buy but that doesn't always mean that it will be an investment that will perform well. Due to the nature of micro cap shares, investors can become a victim of fraud so it is crucial that you always check out the stocks before you buy.

After you have found some companies you like the look of you can watch their progress for a while and then decide if you want to buy some shares in them. Never just follow someone else's tip blindly, but investigate the company yourself and then watch the stock to see how it tracks before investing..

You can reap the rewards from investing in the small cap stock market as long as you set yourself aside some time to learn all you can about what you are looking to invest in. You can apply what you learn by selecting some cheap, good value companies and the more you learn the better you will become and the more money you will make!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Methods to Spot Good Penny Shares

It is essential to do your preparation before you start to purchase on the penny shares market.

Just a few hours spent in research will bring dividends, quite literally in truth! Many buyers lose large amounts of money due to lack of preparation, which leads them to make elementary mistakes of their alternative of shares. To make an excellent penny stocks investment there are a number of factors that that you must take into account before you purchase.

Are your penny stocks quoted on the OTC-BB? If that's the case it could be harder to seek out out essential trading figures and they don't seem to be sure by the strict requirements of other exchanges comparable to AMEX or the Nasdaq Small Cap. To be listed in these markets there are very strong code regulations with regard to transparency and Shareholder communication.

Look at the historical past the history of the penny stocks. If a inventory has proven to enhance in worth constantly over a time period it is seemingly that the pattern will continue. This sounds pretty obvious but it surely also works. You do however must test that there aren't any uncertainties or buying and selling inconsistencies which will alter the upward movement. This type of investment is prone to bring lower returns however higher stability than a more risky share.

Have they got a great marketing strategy? If an organization doesn't have an excellent viable marketing strategy for the next trading interval and a very good planning strategy for the longer term, then it is unlikely to realize good income or progress and should adversely affect the worth of your investment. All the time examine that any company that you're planning to spend money on has a superb business plan. It will be your cash that they are spending.

Choose the brains of professionals. There's a wealth of information on penny shares and you should make full use of it subscribe to good high quality, established, financial newsletters and publications that offer good tips about the very best shares and penny stocks.

A number of these are written by educated and experienced traders. You should strive to look at a broad vary of those, as it offers you a very good overview of what's happening in the penny stocks markets. And it will additionally give you an indicator of which sectors of the penny stocks market are the showing the most motion which can be where the chance for profit is most likely.

What you must keep away from are the many free penny shares newsletters and "daily tips from our skilled's" type of publication. Anyone who claims to have the ability to present you methods to make 1,000,000 shortly would presumably be repeating this method in fast succession and making themselves wealthy, reasonably than writing a free newsletter. Provides of recommendation on shopping for penny shares from buddies and kin could be very rarely of benefit. Except after all they're dispensing the advantage of their wisdom from the window of their rolls Royce!

If you will subscribe to a e-newsletter then spend as a lot as you can afford. Penny stocks buyers are, by their nature, properly conscious of the value of money. So if a e-newsletter is expensive and still has an excellent variety of subscribers then the chances are that it will need to have some good advice to provide, otherwise the membership would have left lengthy ago.

Lastly at all times think about the connection of the penny shares firm that you are considering to the marketplace. If they are producing photographic growth strategies when everyone is going digital then they will not be a very good bet. No matter how low your penny shares are they'll always go lower so beware there may be a superb purpose for that cut price, and although hindsight is beneficial, foresight is better.

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